Sustainability is a term that is used whether relevant or not nowadays. Sustainability means treating products from the earth and the ocean responsibly. This is a reason for Oromar to support this notion as much as possible. For example, no part of the original raw product goes to waste in the production of our lobster. The lobster heads and pincers, which become separated from damaged lobster, are processed separately. They are used to produce outstanding products for the industry and restaurant chains, which are used as the basis for soups and sauces. In addition, Oromar represents the fishing and fish processing industry in the ''Kenniskring Langoustines'' to share their expertise with that of suppliers and to coordinate the below-mentioned issues with the government, fish processors and fish suppliers.


  • A large number of lobster suppliers
  • Representatives of the industry and processors
  • Urk, Den Oever and Oostende (BE) fish markets
  • Visserij Coöperatie Urk
  • Imares (Knowledge institute that focuses on marine ecology and commerce and spatial use of the sea and coastal zones)
  • Wageningen Economic Research in Wageningen
  • Raad & Daad subsidy consultancy

The KENNISKRING’s remit:

  • To promote the sustainability of lobster (Nephrops norvegicus).
  • To evaluate stock with a view to launching a possible MSC or FOS (Friends Of the Sea) lobster hallmark on the market.
  • To research the living conditions and environment of lobster.
  • To research better and organic preservatives
  • Market research
  • Net innovations to facilitate fuel conservation and reduction of by-catch.
  • Working visits
  • Research / experimentation in respect of supplying live, day fresh lobster.