Shellfish and Seafood Brochure for Wholesale and Retail



1. Gold from the sea

2. ’ Oromar in Urk (the Netherlands) is a leading specialist in the processing, freezing and distribution of the North Sea delicacy: Langoustine. Oromar, or ‘gold from the sea’ is an experienced and reliable partner in the best quality Norwegian Lobster. The company is also one of the largest and most experienced exporters of Sea Bass and Sea Bream. THE LANGOUSTINE SPECIALIST

3. ’Oromar has been processing Langoustine for twenty years. It was the first company to succeed in the prolonged storage of this delicious North Sea product without discolouration or deterioration. The quality and flavour of the Langoustine are preserved with innovative and advanced processing methods. TOP QUALITY Thanks to years of experience, Oromar procures the best quality, often from the same boats. Oromar’s fresh Langoustine can be found on the menu from top restaurants. In addition to fresh Langoustine, we also supply deep frozen Langoustine. Frozen Langoustine is supplied in 1 and 0.5 kg trays, as well as polystyrene boxes of 1, 1.5 and 3 kg. The Langoustine carcasses, tail and meat are supplied in bulk boxes and own label retail kg bags. TOP SEGMENT SUPPLIER PACKAGAGING OPTIONS Tray (+sleeve) Bag Box Polystyreen

4. Oromar is continually engaged in further optimization and automation of the production process in its own factory. We use Aersmash equipment in our production and cooling facilities. This purifies the atmosphere of bacteria and mould, thus extending the shelf life of the fish products. The company also has modern weighing and sorting systems, the latest nitrogen freezing equipment and premium stainless steel packaging equipment at its disposal all fully automated and traceable. Oromar collaborates with various leading transport companies to deliver orders promptly and in excellent condition. We adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and food safety, as a result of which Oromar is proud to be IFS Higher Level certified. ’ HIGH STANDARDS

5. Oromar imports her Sea Bass and Sea Bream from Greece and Turkey for many years and receives several fresh deliveries every week. We sell fresh Sea Bass and Sea Bream in a large part of Europe, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Oromar also freezes Sea Bass and Sea Bream for the frozen market. These deep frozen products are primarily exported. PACKAGING Oromar sells whole Sea Bass and Sea Bream and also supplies these varieties filleted. Whole fresh fish is sold in 6 and 10 kg boxes and the fillets in 3 kg boxes. Oromar sells deep frozen Sea Bass and Sea Bream in 5-10 kg boxes and in 1 kg bags. SEA BREAM & SEA BASS ’

6. SEAFOOD & SHELLFISHWe purchase seafood and shellfish from Dutch fishing fleets. The Langoustines are caught in the North Sea and are of the very best quality. Because Oromar is in direct contact with its ships, they know exactly where and how the Langoustine is caught and what the quality is. The seafood and shellfish is processed in our ultra modern processing facilities. ’RANGE Langoustine Langoustine tails Langoustine meat Langoustine carcasses Ensis (Razor Clams)

7. WORLDWIDE Oromar has direct contact with producers across the whole world for the purpose of importing various types of fish. Whether farmed fish, or Cod caught in the North Sea, Oromar goes for the best quality, caught or farmed in a sustainable manner. ’RANGE Sea Bass Sea Bream Red Bass Salmon Halibut Yellow Fin Sole Alaska Pollack John Dory Nile Perch

8. RANGE Plaice Sole Cod Squid Mackerel Red Gurnard Monkfish tail Brill Turbot Flounder NORTH SEA FISH ADDED VALUE Plaice fillet (crumbed and pre fried) Flounder fillet (crumbed) Alaska Pollack (pre-fried) Saithe (pre fried Fish fingers) Saithe (pre fried “Visfantasie”) Because Oromar is located in the fishing hub of Europe, we also offer a wide range of North Sea fish products such as Sole, Plaice fillet, Brill, Turbot, Red Gurnard, Squid and Razor Clams. Oromar supplies clients in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium with fresh produce daily. ’

9. ’ RICH HISTORY Oromar is a family run business with a rich history. Soon after World War II, the late Jelle Pasterkamp snr. set up a fish shop in Hengelo. Initially, he started on a small scale, selling fish from a cargo bike. Together with his son Willem, he later focused more on export to England and Germany. They became shareholders of Orcavis, one of the biggest fish processing business in Urk at the time. WORLD LEADER Jelle Pasterkamp, son of Willem, founded Oromar at the end of the nineties and started as a pioneer in the processing of Langoustine, a variety that was not yet widely known. His father and grandfather’s extensive expertise came in very handy. In fact, they were instrumental in making Oromar what it is today: an impressive familyrun business with largely self developed techniques and machinery. The board of directors consists of Jelle (Managing Director) and Jan Pasterkamp (Director of Sales). Oromar has meanwhile become a world leader in the processing of Langoustine.

10. Oromar offers clients various packaging options, including private label. The client’s own full colour label or sleeve in the client’s own design is available for larger orders. Contact us for more information. Private label Oromar’s vision is to process and trade as many indigenous products as possible, thus providing consumers with a delicious quality product caught in a sustainable manner. That way, we generate greater support for the Dutch fishing fleet. Our vision

11. Oromar believes it is extremely important to respect nature. A food source that provides us with delicious, healthy products. When buying fish, we ensure it is certified. Produced in a responsible way so as to preserve a healthy food source for future generations. Responsible The company participates in the “Knowledge Panel Langoustines”, exploring even more far reaching improvements in sustainability. In addition, Oromar carries out various checks during the production process to limit wastage as far as possible. We have opted for energyefficient installations. ’

12. Marsdiep 7 8321 MC Urk HOLLAND +31 (0)527 688042